By adding calcium chloride to de-icing salts you can reduce the negative impact on the environment and reduce road maintenance costs. This according to new research done by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). For further information, see the article published here by Cefic – the European Chemical Industry Council.

Keeping roads, pavements and parking lots clear from snow and ice keeps people safe, and traffic flowing freely.

Safety first

When there is snow and ice, keeping people safe and preventing accidents is a vital job. Allowing us to arrive at work on time and go about our daily lives involves choosing and using the safest deicer – Calcium Chloride (CC).

Safest & most effective method

CC road® is the best salt-based deicer because it releases heat in contact with moisture. This prevents ice forming and deices surfaces quicker when snow and ice have formed. Its superior performance makes CC road® the safest and most effective choice for roads, pathways, parking lots and entrances to buildings.